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Have you ever thought about where you might be right now if you had been working with a truly effective coach?

The power of what we do is in the group session. There's so much value in the group session that you'll understand why we value it so much. Elevate everyone's capabilities and really pull out their potential to meet new horizons.


Why Catalyst Consultants?

We are a business consultancy firm working with business leaders to fine-tune their strategy and enable their management teams so they can scale up with success. Collectively, our team brings over 50 years of business experience. If you're a business leader looking for profitable growth your business, we can help you scale fast and get serious results.

We offer business leaders and leadership teams different programs designed to help you with your growth strategy. Using expert advice, powerful tools and an internationally proven framework, each program is designed to help you sustainably scale your business.

As a Business Consulting firm, we offer a number of services that are designed to help companies to expand and grow at an efficient and accelerated rate and overcome some of the barriers that can impact companies as they work to grow.

Growth Tools

Our Methods

As catalysts, we provide you with answers to some of the toughest problems that you face in your business. We're ready to help you find a way through barriers and reach your potential.

Annual Strategic Planning

Using market conditions & current company framework, develop 1-3 year initiatives to meet or exceed targets with a high degree of confidence

Quarterly Strategic Review

Evaluate market conditions & implement a 90-day tactical plan that operationalizes the strategy with clarity & accountability

Market Segment Planning

A process to sufficiently evaluate the merits of an opportunity in relation to the ROI & the budget to determine whether to proceed or not

Annual Sales Planning

Prepare & direct the sales force to aggressively reach all the company sales goals with the highest success rate

Value Stream Mapping

A process to understand your entire value chain from vendor selection to accounts receivable

Business Analytics

Develop software and solutions to measure business performance


Aggressively move the company forward with manufacturing layouts, ISO certification, facility layout optimization, ITAR, operations, LEAN processes

IT Solutions

Application of technology to accelerate the tempo a company has in reaching and achieving its goals with a technical catalyst

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Read more about what we do and our philosophy for business coaching. You should be the judge based on our work and results we’ve achieved for our clients.

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