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James Hoffman, Jr.I’m James E. Hoffman, Jr., CEO and founder of Catalyst Consultants, LLC. Being in business is like being in the middle of a game of chess…hopefully making great move after great move, producing great results. But many times the game doesn’t play out the way the way you had planned. But you can’t rely on “hope” as a strategy that will give you confidence in a better tomorrow. My job is to take “hope” out of the equation and greatly increase your chance of success…even success beyond what you believe is possible.Since you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re the leader of a company that you believe has incredible potential. (But the results aren’t there yet.)You’re probably also relentlessly optimistic. Every day you imagine great possibilities that you should be able to capitalize on. (But so far you haven’t been able to.)

And I bet that your main driving force is to see your dreams materialize before your eyes—year after year after year. Ongoing personal and professional success…beyond your expectations.

If I’ve guessed correctly, then Catalyst Consultants, LLC, works with people like you.

But can we be of service to you? Take a moment and answer these questions.

  • Do your company’s results keep falling short of what you know can be produced?
  • Are you hamstrung by lack of staff, time or other resources to pursue new markets and/or develop new products?
  • Do external threats appear to be emerging faster than ever? (In other words, are you beginning to feel more trepidation?)
  • Do you sense that the effort it would take to get your company to the next level is more than you can muster at this time?
  • Have you reached a personal or professional plateau?
  • Are you the CEO, president or owner of a privately-held company who is committed to run a better, more efficient and more profitable company?
  • Are you committed to learning and growing as a leader?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can surely be of service … if you’re truly committed to success for the long haul, and if you’re willing to partner with a company whose sole mission is to assist you in accomplishing much, much more.

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Tired of pushing pawns around? If you’re ready to “make the next move,” find out how we can work together, call me at 412.548.3365, or send me a quick message.

    What about the Chess Theme?

    Without a well-defined strategy, like chess, you’re just pushing pieces around, “hoping” that things will turn out in your favor. Without the right people, the right strategy and the right execution, your business will get stuck, and so will you.

    It’s no fun at all when you take a “board’s-eye” view of your business and all you see is surrounded by trouble. Up-close are the internal problems you struggle with every day. On the horizon are shifting market conditions, marketing theories du jour, technology churn, governmental uncertainty and your competition.

    Battles are either won or lost in the boardroom. Catalyst prepares you for battle. You will know what you need to know, you will make better decisions, and you will accomplish much, much more.

    If you’re a business leader who wants to grow your company and attain a higher level of performance, Catalyst is for you. Find out more.