“You cannot categorize Jim as a consultant because he does much more than provide expert advice. Jim has helped our leadership team build a strategy framework to accomplish our growth goals. I have worked with consultants in the past and Jim is the only person who has instituted a higher standard for an executive team. Jim not only pulses regularly with the team he takes the initiative to spend time one on one. After 25 years in sales I view Jim as my go to mentor and friend as he is very comfortable making me uncomfortable with the status quo.

If you are looking for a short-term panacea for your sales growth Jim is not the right person. If you are committed to long term growth and have a leadership team that can be open and honest with the current situation Jim is your guy!”

Dan Rodgers
Regional Sales Director
Highway Equipment

I met with Jim on the advice of a good friend of mine. When I first met Jim, I was apprehensive about bringing him in to my organization to help me with our strategic planning process. After several meetings with him, I started to feel like his planning processes was something that we needed. During one of our meetings, Jim asked me how I planned to make 2013 successful. I left that meeting and could not get his question out of my head. How was 2013 going to be any different than our previous year?

Jim led an accelerated planning session for me and my leadership team. As a result of this meeting, we developed a plan that everyone is excited about. There is a renewed energy and excitement in the organization that is palpable at all levels. I am looking forward to our first quarterly review and follow up planning session.

Matthew Johnson
Russell Standard Corporation

“ I have had the privilege of knowing Jim since we first met through his leadership of the CEO Forum of Pittsburgh. I am grateful that more recently Jim began working directly with our leadership team at Baily Insurance. His wisdom, vision, growth process and strategic insights have completely transformed us individually as well as our organization. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Jim as a business coach if you want to raise the bar and grow your organization or yourself! ”

David Baily
Baily Insurance

“ I’ve had my fair share of leadership trainings. A majority of them did little for me; they were “bubbly” and focused on trendy words that had no substance. So, I must admit, I expected the same as I prepared to train with Jim. However, when he started the training with the challenge of requesting each of us define the words we use and why we use them I said “… this is new” and I was into it from there.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Jim did not engage in the typical PowerPoint presentation, which I struggle with because it becomes compliance to flow through slides and not an interactive growth of comprehension. I love how active Jim was in the training, I really got into it because employee development and leadership is where I push for excellence. I was blessed with many great leaders who taught me a lot and all I want to do is return that to any employee who works for me or my teams.

Jim's way of articulating the topics, free-flowing with the groups attention span, and challenging thought process excited me and gave me an ever larger perspective of how I want to make my leadership growth initiatives moving forward.

Thank you again Jim, it was an absolute pleasure.”

Christian Parker
Director of Managed Services

“ Jim was referred to me by a successful business owner I respected, and we were in the process of scaling up our company, so I reached out. Immediately Jim demonstrated he understood our situation, and had the skill and experience to help my new executive team gel, build out the strategic planning and execution framework we needed to succeed, and start executing on a three year plan.

Jim started with us in late 2013, and with Jim's help we grew the company more than 100% and successfully sold our company to a publicly-traded buyer 18 months later. Thanks Jim! ”

Jim Salters
Business Backer

“ Jim Hoffman is a great business coach and strategic plan facilitator. I have been working with Jim for just over two years and the results to date are phenomenal. Jim is able to reduce very complex business concepts into simple mental models that, if followed, become powerful tools to profitably grow your business. I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in improving the bottom line, growing their business or starting a business to engage Jim. ”

Robert Huitt
VP Operations
Russell Standard

“ I have been working with Jim for over 12 years and in that time he was able to help us focus on our core competencies which allowed us to grow our organization over 12x. Jim is a dedicated, ambitious and result driven business partner who helps executive teams of privately held companies get out of their comfort zones. His wisdom and business processes have helped us reach our short-terms goals and develop long-terms goals. We would not be where we are as a company or as individuals if it was not for Jim. ”

Jeff Tapolci
ABG Capital

“ Jim Hoffman is hands down the best business coach I've ever worked with. He taught us how to bring the Rockefeller Habits to life in our business, and I credit him for much of the growth that we experienced. He gave us the lessons we needed to get us moving in the right direction. If you need help getting your team all on the same page, and want grow your business, I suggest you give him a call.”

Tracy Smearman, CPA
VP Finance and Operations
Shiffler Equipment Sales

“ Jim Hoffman (Catalyst Consultants) works with our Executive and Middle-Management teams, helping us to achieve predictable, sustainable results and consistent success. Jim focuses on improving leadership skills at all levels of the organization in order to create a culture in which the proper behaviors are established and maintained. His passion, breadth of knowledge and experience are impressive and he continually updates and expands his own expertise in order to provide an evolving and improving value to his clients. ”

Michael Brawley
President, CEO
Kingsbury, Inc

“ I read Mastering the Rockefeller Habits for the first time about two years ago and again earlier this year. Finally I took the action that had been in the back of my mind since early 2011 and in early summer 2012 I first met with Jim Hoffman. I truly believe that meeting will be a milestone in our company’s evolution. We did our first planning session in August and are excited about second session in early December. The four day session was electric. Most importantly we left our time with Jim with our 1 page strategic plan wired and we have been focused upon execution on that plan ever since. Jim has been engaged with us on a weekly basis ever since making sure we stick with and stay focused. I can’t say enough about Jim Hoffman and the value he has already brought to our company and can’t wait to see what the future holds! By the way, our company, Wendell August, will be the Premier Metalcrafter in America, grow 10-fold over the coming 11 years, and will be named one of the Top 100 Workplaces in America by 2023, our 100th anniversary as a company! ”

Will Knecht
Chairman and CSO
Wendell August Forge

“ Jim Hoffman as a business coach is second to none. He is able to take complex business concepts and reduce them to a few powerful words or sentences. If you are serious about growing professionally, if you are serious about growing your business you owe it to yourself, your shareholders and employees to engage Jim as your business coach. ”

Ron Eggert

“ After noticing something "different" at a company we were calling on, they introduced me to Catalyst and Gazelles. We have had great results with Jim resulting in a 3X growth in one year after engaging him and his services. ”

Geoff Greenfield
Third Sun Solar

“ Our business hired Jim in 2009 to be a business coach to the leadership team within the organization. This role extends beyond being a business coach and provides individual coaching to the leadership team. Since this time we have successfully implemented the Gazelles model and have experienced on-plan results and goal achievement quarter over quarter and year over year. Personally, I have grown professionally with increasing responsibilities through my individual interaction and coaching with Jim. I would recommend Jim to any organization struggling to achieve the performance expected. ”

Monica Bruni

“ Jim has been an executive coach for our executive team since 2008. Jim is a highly skilled well rounded coach who is quick to identify opportunities and areas or improvement and call reality like he sees it. He was instrumental in assisting the team in creating our strategy and annual plans. Jim keeps us in check and helps us to focus on the most important items that drive results. His support and coaching has been key to our executive team and success and consistent overachievement of our goals. I would highly recommend him as an executive coach ”

Nicholas Manolis

“ Jim has guided our education and execution of the Rockefeller Habits at multiple stops along our corporate history. In a nutshell: "He knows his stuff!" Jim can go into as much detail as needed, but can also get to the heart of the matter. He can drill down on the illness and not just the symptoms. What he has to say isn't always comforting, but his willingness to deliver the painful truth in a positive way gets to the core of his value. We've learned a lot from Jim over the years, and look forward to our relationship continuing in the years to come. ”

Len Kowalski
Sr. VP
Mission Critical Partners

“Getting to a million in revenue is tough. Getting to $10 million is not a matter of doing ten times more of the same things you did to get that first million. It was clear to me that in order for us to get from $10 million to $50 million, things would need to be much different. I had heard about the Rockefeller Habits and liked the system but knew that in order to reach our goals, I would need a coach. The experience of working with Jim has been transformative to me as a CEO. My thinking is much more clear and my organization more aligned. In fact, I believe that if I had begun working with Jim from the beginning, we would have been able to grow twice as large in half the time.”

George McKee, III
Chairman, President & CEO
True Commerce, Inc.

“As a senior business manager I was somewhat apprehensive related to any benefit of attending 4 days training on a business topic.Perhaps the longer we successfully perform a function we become skeptics of being able to improve our skills. Having attended numerous classes related to personal and personnel development and business management this felt to be merely a refresher.

Thank you for proving just the opposite. The program presented by you is a new learning opportunity. You provide unique methods of implementing the sound basics of a successful business model. Charlotte’s contribution enhanced the overall program.

I would rate your skills and training technique ‘above’ the best I have seen in my career of 43 years. Your approach holds the class attention level far above the norm. Your style and focused coaching through every step of your program is refreshing and extremely effective.

Anyone considering your services will not be disappointed in the outcome. The only threat to success after your program would be not implementing the principles you present.”

Kent Phillips
Director of Operations
Third-Sun Solar

“Hard work and a little luck took us a long way, but to get to the next level, we knew we needed more. We believed that implementing the Rockefeller Habits was that critical ’something more.’ As simple as they seem, we struggled to incorporate them into our daily habits, until we hired Jim Hoffman and Catalyst Consultants. This was without question the smartest investment we’ve made in the past few years. We’ve decided that the original BHAG that we set two years ago in our first meeting with Jim was much too modest, so now we’re stepping it up considerably. We were unable to think about our business, profitability, personnel needs, and growth plans in such a strategic way prior to our relationship with Jim. Each year since meeting him, as we gather to review and revise our strategic plan, we say, ‘This next year is going to be the most exciting yet,’ and this year is no different. I can’t wait to see what 2009 holds for us. It’s time to put our 15 – 20% growth rates to shame.”

Tracy L. Smearman, CPA
Chief Operating Officer

John W. Shiffler

Shiffler Equipment Sales, Inc.

“The management team and I would really like to thank you for four days of detailed strategic thinking. This was what was always missing in past off-sites. We now have a vision, a detailed plan, assigned accountability and the means to communicate it to the rest of the organization. As we like to say around here, ‘It’s all good!’”
Bill Strecker, CEO
Kingsbury, Inc.

“For over a year we struggled to develop a strategic plan for our business. We always started with great intentions yet inevitably we walked away frustrated and confused, and unclear about our next steps.

“Jim Hoffman changed everything and got us on the right track. His ability to facilitate a process with five executives (and everything they bring) is incredible. We left our annual planning session with a clear and detailed view of our immediate and long-term business objectives. Jim brings very valuable insight to the planning and prioritizing process and delivers exceptional results. We look forward to the future he has helped us create.

“I mean every word of it.”
Kirk Zehnder, CEO / President
Ernest Machine

     “On behalf of McNeil Industries I would like to personally thank you for the energy you have created in our company. Starting with our first Start, Stop and Keep survey of the McNeil Team, complimented by daily rhythm meetings from the executives all the way to the shop floor our staff knows they make a difference. With your guidance we have identified the critical measures that allow us to keep in focus not just revenue growth; our margins continue to grow and we have substantially improved our cash flow. Our revenue growth during your two year involvement has been 79% and operating margin has improved 50%.

“With the Rockefeller Habits we continually establish our priorities and the actions necessary to meet our aggressive goals. Our One Page Plan has been used in strategic business relationships with our customers to support our Brand Promise; “what you need, when you need it every time…Guaranteed,” to support our continued growth. Our customers, suppliers and team members realize we are the real deal and everybody wins. They want to be part of the McNeil “way.”

“The biggest compliment to your system is the recent award McNeil won in a MAGNET sponsored Competitiveness Challenge for North East Ohio based on our success from practicing The Rockefeller Habits.

“Jim, you continue to help McNeil Industries drive superior performance and we look forward to our upcoming 2008 planning session. Current team surveys strongly confirm we need to keep practicing the things you have introduced us to that have made us successful.”
Randy McNeil, CEO & President
McNeil Industries

     “Early in 2005, some key staff members attended a Rockefeller Habits training event with Verne Harnish. They began to incorporate what they had learned into our organization. Their enthusiasm for using Rockefeller Habits to manage their growth led to our decision to go company-wide with the Rockefeller Habits.
“We decided to partner with Jim Hoffman of Catalyst Consultants, LLC, a certified Gazelles partner. Jim led the corporate management team through four days of training and helped us develop our one-page strategic plan. He also facilitated the development of one-page plans for each division. He has made himself available to our managers for one-on-one coaching and spent several days coaching our staff in their daily huddles.
“At the same time we were working on the Rockefeller Habits, we trained our managers on TopGrading techniques. Jim helped us shape our version of TopGrading.
“Jim has shared expertise in many facets of business, e.g., marketing and human resources. We’ve already made some of the changes he suggested. I expect that our next staff survey will reflect how much we’ve improved the flow of information.
“We have always been good planners, but many of our business plans were not well executed. Jim has helped build confidence in our plans (something we have not had in the past) and has helped us to concentrate our efforts on our real priorities. We’re trying some new things and I’m excited about the progress we’re making with our project management, marketing and sales. Our staff appreciates his willingness to work with anyone in our organization. With Jim’s guidance and our commitment, we will achieve the vision we have established for our company.”
Jeff Kimball, CEO & President
L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc.

“It is truly difficult to say how valuable your involvement has been in the revitalization of McNeil Industries. We exceeded our targets and the enthusiasm and electricity in our office is unbelievable. Our entire team is in rhythm and pulsing at a great pace. Order entry is booming, and the team is just functioning like a true team. It’s awesome! We owe it all to you. Thank you for believing in us. You are a driving force in our success. We won’t let you down.”
Randy McNeil, CEO & President
McNeil Industries

“I want to thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me, my Senior Management and Ad-Base Systems. I am amazed that you were able to come into our company, get us under control, help us with our planning and assist us in obtaining a direction so quickly. You have been a blessing that was well needed and deserved. Your wisdom and business processes have helped us reach our short-terms goals and develop long-terms goals. You have transformed me into a stronger leader and that has filtered down through the staff and making us one solid team. This company has so much energy and focus now I just can’t wait to see where we go with it. Not only are you a consultant to Ad-Base Systems, Inc., but you have become a true friend. Again, thank you, for being there for us and being a great friend.”
Jeff Tapolci, President
Ad-Base Systems, Inc.

“Catalyst Consultants has provided CPR with the tools and expert training to take our company to the next level. They have taught us how to do the ‘right things right’. Their ability to simplify complex problems and institute solutions that work is unique. They have aligned my executive team so that we are all working on the top one or two priorities of the company. The results of their process alignment have allowed me to focus on our business in a direct and meaningful way. Jim continues to act as a mentor and a coach for CPR. He is committed to our success and with his guidance we will achieve our future goals.”
Ken Fink, President
Consulting Professional Resources

“Technical Expertise can get a company far in business, but getting ahead of the competition is a science of its own. Your team at Catalyst Consultants have become an indispensable part of our team. You help us daily to understand our processes, improve efficiency, and make business decisions with clarity and confidence. The insight and guidance Catalyst provides allows us to choose a new direction by helping us to focus and execute. Partnering with Catalyst has produced a feeling of solidarity that has never existed in our 40 years as a business. I feel as though we have insured 40 more years of profitable business. Thanks, Jim.”
Chris Massetti, Vice President
Donwil Company

“Catalyst Consultants’ executive coaching, team building and issue resolution expertise provided us with the training we needed to function as a collaborative team, instead of as individuals working on separate projects. Their insightful knowledge about communications styles and techniques energized us all and continues to drive us to be accountable, not just to ourselves but to each other and the patients and families we serve.”
Deborah A. Hartman, CFRE
National Kidney Foundation of Western Pennsylvania

“I have known Jim Hoffman for nine years and he is:

  • A person of the highest integrity
  • Lightning quick to learn, grasp and understand new information and situations
  • Widely experienced in business
  • Widely read in current business books and theories
  • Compassionate
  • Demanding
  • An excellent communicator
  • An outstanding strategic planning facilitator
  • And last but not least a friend and ally to me and the employees of Patterson.

If you are considering engaging Jim to help your business profit and grow, do it. It will rank highly among the best decisions you ever made!”
David B. Grapes, President
W.W. Patterson Company

“Catalyst Consultants has been my guide in building a successful company. Your strategic planning process is unique and immediately produces results. No book, no seminar and no distant ‘guru’ can replace the intensity and the focus that come from personal consulting, and that’s what you and your team have provided for our leadership group. Thanks to your guidance and clear thinking of the Catalyst team, we now have a strategic plan to grow a great business idea into an even greater reality.”
Paul Furiga, CEO & President
WordWrite Communications, LLC

“I want to thank you for all the help and guidance you have given Premier. So many of your ideas as simple as some may be have made a tremendous difference in our company. The 8:38 daily huddle alone has eliminated 90% of the office BS, while improving our over-all customer satisfaction level. Issues are addressed daily rather then letting them boil for weeks at a time. I can’t wait to continue working with you as I know with you as our coach that 2006 will be our best year ever and that we will achieve our BHAG in the upcoming years!!!”
Tim C. Steinour, President
Premier Technologies, Inc.

“Catalyst Consultants guided us through a planning process and quickly taught us simple, practical, yet extremely effective tools that we were able to put to work immediately, to solve the challenges we were facing at our organization. We are more focused and committed. We are getting critical priorities accomplished and our results are outstanding.”
Allan S. Roberts, President
B2G Alliance, LLC

“In working with Catalyst Consultants to help define myself, my business, my product, my market and my potential, the results have not only been refreshingly revelatory, but more important, they have given me a degree of confidence and purpose never present before. By listening to your counsel, applying those principles and lessons to my specific niche, and thinking my way through the clutter, I know that my competitive position has become strong, well defined and moving on a clear path to growth and success. Catalyst Consultants creates winners.”
Tim Hayes, President
Tim Hayes Communications