About Gazelles

If you’ve never heard of Gazelles International, you’ve missed out on some of the greatest small business tools and methodologies of the last half-century. Gazelles is an executive education firm  headed by Verne Harnish, a Fortune Small Business top-10 “Small Business Thinker,” who among other top-flight engagements, has been hired as a consultant to the entire nation of Ireland, which is boasting one of the world’s most thriving economies.

Verne Harnish is known internationally for his brilliant (yet simple) one-page strategic planning process, described in his book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. This foundational tool builds the prioritization, the rhythm, and the discipline that companies need in order to grow—and grow rapidly.

Years ago, Catalyst Consultants became Pittsburgh’s exclusive coaching partner for Gazelles; and by virtue of this relationship, Catalyst clients have access both to the Rockefeller Habits tools and to the Fortune 50 know-how of such Gazelles partners as Southwest Airlines, GE, Dell, and Microsoft. We have mastered the tools, have exceptional coaching credentials and draw on years of real-world success. As part of our ongoing training and development, we have actively participated in sessions with the various content partners of Gazelles International—Jim Collins, Geoff Smart, Pat Lencioni, Neil Rackham, and others—and will bring a wealth of insight to you and your organization.

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