Our Services

Once you have thought through the key questions, Catalyst Consultants helps you map the plan to construct and grow your business for success and profitability. The best plans set a course based on realistic assessments of resources and expectations, but also have a built-in level of flexibility to allow for adjustments as market forces and other variables often dictate.

We get together for your annual planning session (2-3 days) and quarterly tactical planning sessions (1 day each). We provide you with brief summaries, including the critical action/accountability steps that will drive the organization’s goals that everyone agrees upon and commits to do.

Annual Strategic Planning

Annual: During the annual planning session, we guide you and your team through a strategic planning process that is condensed onto a highly-focused one-page document. We storyboard the sessions so everyone stays focused, and ideas are visualized, categorized and prioritized easily.

Quarterly Planning

Quarterly: During the quarterly updates, we refresh relevant marketplace information, measure how well established action plans have been executed, make course corrections as needed, and decide on priority actions for the next 90 days.

Market Segment Planning

We specialize in helping you understand how your business can better perform in the market that you are competing.  Through successful Market Segmentation Planning, you become a focused team with data about your market that gives you an edge above the competition. 

We bring the knowledge and experience from developing solutions for businesses who are succeding at making the competition irrelevant. 

Team Building

Performance = motivation + ability. What happens to motivation when the relationships aren’t right or when someone just doesn’t fit in? Your people are your most important asset. They keep you creative, innovative and competitive. Having the right people in the right positions is insufficient until you have unity. Team building is critical to an organization’s momentum. We customize a set of team building principles to meet each client’s needs.