How We’d Work Together

  1. We meet to determine whether we’re a fit
  2. We execute an agreement
  3. We get clarity on your company’s core values, purpose, BHAG (Jim Collins’ Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), and brand promise
  4. We get clarity on your company’s 3-year targets, 1-year goals, and 90-day “rocks.” (Rocks are high-leverage priorities)
  5. We establish accountabilities and measures
  6. We establish a meeting rhythm to ensure that you stay on track
  7. We work together to drive clarity down through all levels of the organization
  8. We maintain a coaching relationship to keep everything and everybody on track

This is a transformational process. It’s proven, and it’s not hit or miss.

You begin with an organization that you think you know well, and you end up with one that will be beyond what you can conceive right now. And that continues to amaze, year after year.

Issues and problems tend to melt away under a new way of thinking. Your company will become an engine that remains in a state of acceleration.

If you want to accomplish much, much more, check out how to get started.