Who We Are

Dear CEO/President/Business Owner:

Here’s what I get excited about, makes the blood pulse through my veins and gets my heart pumping:

  • Looking at inspired business leaders who are hungry for more and more knowledge, and who are willing to see things they never saw before
  • Getting an entire company to have clarity about what they’re doing, where they’re going, and how they’re going to get there
  • Seeing a consistent look of excitement in employees’ (and leaders’) eyes that used to be dull (at best) or glazed-over (at worst)
  • Feeling the passion of a company that’s working as a team
  • Receiving phone calls from excited clients who go on and on about last quarter’s results, and what they’re going to do next quarter, next year, and years from now

If you’re the leader of a privately-held company, and you’re not jumping-out-of-bed excited to get to work in the morning, we need to talk…as long as you’re fine with committing to a long-term partnership that will get you the results you want.

You can’t achieve the results you want with blanket, one-size-fits-all change. We specialize in laying the groundwork for very specific, quantifiable change that will only work for your company. Again, one size will not fit all. (That’s why most consulting fails, by the way.)

Together, we’ll help you find the answers, and find them you will. We have a proven methodology for getting you (and your team) to see clearly, and then to see clearly what you have to do. Along the way, we’ll ask more questions and get more answers.  It’s a process of continuous improvement, of breaking new ground, of discovering and getting mastery over your blind spots. (Here’s a freebie for you: a blind spot can be both your biggest strength and your biggest weakness—simultaneously—and will eventually destroy your company’s capacity to grow.)

One more thing: I’m thrilled when a company gathers enough momentum where even large-scale problems are handled as a matter of course, rather than forcing you to change course.

To put it in a nutshell, I grow great business leaders who are committed to building great mid-sized companies. I promise that when we work together to cause transformation at the executive level, it will impact your entire organization, and will fan out to your prospects, your existing customer base, and even your vendors. You’ll see new products, services and markets. You’ll rediscover and re-experience the excitement and passion about your company that you’ve had all along.

Finally, I promise that engaging with Catalyst Consultants will positively change your world. You’ll see it, hear it and feel it if we get the chance to work together: When strong, aligned leadership is at the helm, teams will work hard together to accomplish much, much more.

All the best,

James E. Hoffman, Jr.

P.S. Want to get started?