How to Get Started

Is Your Organization a Potential Catalyst Client?

Shaking HandsI’ll be glad to meet with you to listen to and understand your ideas, dreams and concerns. Then, I’ll go over what I could do for you and your organization. But because I will be working personally with you and your executive team, I make sure we’re an excellent fit.

Among the things I look for:

  • Are you results-driven? How much are you focused on overcoming the things that are holding your company back?
  • Are you committed for the long haul? This is not a one-month, three-month or six-month process. It takes a year at least to begin reaping the rewards of your efforts. And I recommend (although it’s up to you) a multi-year engagement if you want the results to compound over time.
  • Do you listen well? (Enough said.)
  • Do I, James E. Hoffman, Jr., have the expertise to help you overcome the challenges you’re facing? Hey, I’m not an expert at everything. If your biggest problem is extremely technical in nature, I probably can’t be of much help. But if you have a wide range of organizational issues, no matter how complex, I’m likely to be a fit.
  • Do our personalities mesh? I confess I’m not a spring chicken. I’ve met and worked with thousands of people, and know after a meeting or two if we can work together. This is a subtle point and has a lot to do with my intuition, which, fortunately is nearly always correct. I have turned down million-dollar engagements for this very reason, and am happy I did so, for my client and for myself. If we’re to explore working together, we just have to meet. Oh, yeah—you have to be comfortable with me as well. It cuts both ways.
  • Do you have the resources you need for an engagement of this type? Engaging me is absolutely cost-effective, but your company should have the capacity to grow in a way that will make my fees reasonable and justifiable.

In short, I want to make sure that the capabilities and resources Catalyst brings are the exact fit you need to build your company to accomplish much, much more. I want to grow your company and help you win your game. And not just this game, but the next…and the next one after that.

Contact me to arrange a meeting by calling 412.548.3365, or email me.